Monatliches Archiv: März, 2012

StreetStyle: Tom28032012

Tom wears Dsquared Sweater with Jeansjacket & Leathersleeve, Dsquared Shirt & Jeans, Philippe Model Sneaker and Dsquared Sunglasses.

StreetStyle: HerrRetrograd

Saturday, Shopping day with HerrRetrograd. I´m wearing Girogio Brato Leatherjacket, Giorgio Brato Cardigan, 2 Drakewood Shirts, Scotch & Soda Jeans-Chino, Leather Crown Sneaker & Werkstatt München. Going get prepared for the night at… Weiterlesen

StreetStyle: Anastasia

Met Anastasia in the new Königsgalerie in Duisburg. She wears Patrizia Pepe Leatherjacket, Sacks Dress, Ash Shoes and a Freds Bruder Bag. Finest conditions to go out in the streets enjoying the day.

StreetStyle: Claas

Anarchy in the Ruhrarea. Claas against anything else in Giorgio Brato Leatherjacket, Dsquared Shirt & Jeans, Fiorentini & Baker Boots, Johnny Belts Belt and Closed Scarf. Go in the streets and demonstrate for… Weiterlesen

StreetStyle: Tom 20032012

Tom enjoys the sunny day in Scotch & Soda Jacket, Drykorn Shirt, Drykorn Chino, Leather Crown Sneaker, Hugo Boss Hat & Faliero Sarti Scarf.

StreetStyle: Yvonne

Nice to met Yvonne. She wears Wildfox Shirt, Dsquared Jeans, Ash Shoes, a George, Gina & Lucy bag and a Closed Scarf. Beware of the strawberry shake…

StreetStyle: HerrRetrograd

I´m wearing Closed Jacket, Tintoria Mattei Shirt, Closed Chino, Leather Crown Sneaker, Max Tessuti Scarf and a delicious Caipirinha of Cocktail Ambulanz at HARDERS Fashion Night… This summer seems to be very colourful.

TomStyle: 06032012

FashionTom on the road of life # 14: Ready to ride the Fashion Night in Drykorn Leatherjacket, Dsquared Shirt, True Religion Jeans, Philippe Model Sneaker, Nixon Watch & Dsquared Sunglasses See him at… Weiterlesen

StreetStyle: Laura

Already had a nice time with Laura. She wears Dsquared Trench, I Heart Silktop, Cambio Pants, Ash Shoes and a Liebeskind Bag. Pic below she wears Coat, Sweatshirt and Jeans, all by Scotch… Weiterlesen